Crown Fountain Cameras KAPUT!!!


Ah, the power of the blogosphere. As of 11:00 a.m. this morning, the City of Chicago has removed the security cameras (Trib follow-up article) from the top of Millennium Park’s Crown Fountain. And let me just say, WOO-HOO!

[Ed. note: the above-linked Trib article was also published on the front page of the Chicago Tribune’s Metro section on Wednesday, December 20, keeping this story on Metro page 1 for two solid days!]

Yes, folks, mere hours after the publication of a highly critical Chicago Tribune article pitched by my architectural uber-photoblogger boyfriend, Devyn, that appeared smack on the front page of the Metro section today, the city came to its senses.

It was Sunday that Devyn and I were taking a photoblogging walk through the park when we came upon the ill-placed, visually offending cameras sticking out of the top of both video towers of Jaume Plensa’s celebrated fountain. After we picked our jaws off of the ground, Devyn started taking pictures.

Yesterday and Sunday we both blogged about the architectural defacement of the world-famous fountain–an act so unacceptable it brought to mind the jack-booted feet of homeland security officers literally trampling down the spirit of public art in America. And then Devyn emailed Trib architecture critic Blair Kamin and, thankfully, the Trib was as shocked as we were.

Given how quickly the cameras came down, I take it the mayor’s office was equally shocked, too.

Devyn and I love our Downtown Chicago neighborhood and the rest of our great city to absolutely no end, hence our distress. But I guess when your hearts are in the right place, you really can fight city hall. Credit is due overwhelmingly to Devyn, though, for writing one incredible pitch email to Blair. Go, Devyn!

So a big Thank You to the city for coming to its senses. And to our fellow Chicagoans (and not just the art and park lovers among you), and to Jaume Plensa (quoted in the second Trib article today), on behalf of my better half and me, you’re welcome!!!

Devyn, do you believe we’re a blogging power couple now? 😉

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