CHICAGO CARLESS Featured in Centerstage Chicago!


A big shout-out to Centerstage Chicago today. Two weeks ago, Centerstage scribe Jessica Herman asked me if I’d be interested in being interviewed for their regular You Are What You Blog column. Um, lemme think, hmm, yes!

I love Centerstage (and not just ’cause I won that “Best Review of the Week” contest back in June–and thanks again for the gift certificate to Myopic Books, guys) and I’m thrilled to pieces that they like Chicago Carless, too. Thanks, Jessica and Centerstage!

You can find my Centerstage interview here–it dubs me a “born-again Chicagoan” and truer words were never spoken. But don’t forget to browse the rest of Centerstage–their edgy listings still remain cooler than that Trib-owned pretender, Metromix.

Hmm, every day, I am more firm in my conviction that I’m never heading back east. Or possibly ever leaving Hogtown, for that matter.

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