Yo, “YoChicago”!


(Photo: The incomparable Marina City roofdeck. Credit: Looper.)

A big hello to my visitors from YoChicago! Today, the trendy local real estate blog featured Chicago Carless on the front page — in particular, my ongoing reporting on the state of affairs at Marina City and the Gary Kimmel scandal. Thanks to my readers from YoChicago, and thanks to the editors at Yo for reading my blog.

You can’t make up stories like the ones there are to tell about Marina City. But neighbors here, those that actually “get it”, are second to none. So pull up a chair, a mouse, and a beer, and peruse my site. Questions, comments, or suggestions? Shoot me a comment, below. Yeah, it’s a 60-story Peyton Place. But it’s home.

Have fun!

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