Super CTA Customer Service Response


(Photo: Down under the South Loop L tracks. Credit: Looper.)

I know, I never thought I’d write that title either, but today it’s deserved. Every Friday, the CTA sends out a press release called “Events Affecting Weekend CTA Service” that serves as kind of a one-stop shopping experience to find out about CTA’s planned weekend service diversions. However, up until now the CTA has only published the release on the Press Releases page of the CTA website, instead of on the Customer Alerts web page where it has really always belonged. After all, that’s the first web page riders check to find out about changes in CTA service.

Since the CTA has been lately promoting its Customer Alerts page (thanks in great part to nudging from the CTA Tattler, the original creators of the helpful CTA wireless alerts project), and being the squeaky wheel that I am, today I emailed CTA customer service and suggested they put the “Events Affecting Weekend CTA Service” press release on the Customer Alerts page, too.

Barely half an hour later, CTA spokesperson Noelle Gaffney emailed me back the following response:

Customer Service forwarded your email to me. It is a good suggestion and I’ve asked the media relations staff to start posting the information there too. Thanks for pointing it out to us.

Noelle Gaffney
Vice-President, Communications and Marketing

And within two more hours, they began to do so.

So no, thank you, Noelle, for such an incredibly quick response to my email, and for considering the suggestion. I hope CTA riders find the new location of the press release helpful, it’s a super resource to turn to for anyone riding the L or the bus on the weekend.

Boy, with the terrific responses I’ve been getting this week, it’s a good thing I use my powers for good…

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