Marina City Celebrates Official May Apartment Fire


You didn’t think we at Marina City could let the month of May pass without having our regular, monthly apartment fire, did you? Last night East Tower unit 4527 burned, attracting yet another contingent of festively dressed firemen and their dozen jauntily illuminated emergency vehicles to the plaza below. Sooty footprints extend from the unit this morning, as does the stench of recently burned possessions.

Let’s go over some history here. Last night’s fire was less than five weeks from the April fire, a total burnout on West Tower’s 21st floor, which was five weeks from a fire in March, curiously also on the 45th floor of East Tower.

But let’s not forgot the great Februray floods, stemming from the faulty repair of East Tower’s water pumping system. And of course, there was the illicit (and unended) joy stemming from dentist Gary Kimmel’s January prostitution scandal.

Since 2006 began, each month has brought a new chapter in that ongoing melodrama known as Marina City. Within barely a four-month span, multiple fires, floods, and floozies. I’m coming to think that could be the title of a new category on Chicago Carless. I’m pretty sure — disgusted, but sure — that such a category would not want for new entries. Not with Marina City’s track record so far this year.

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