Red Eye to Riders: Don’t Put Your Hands on CTA Handrails


Okay, that’s helpful, thanks. A scientist working on the Chicago Tribune’s dime was quoted today in the Trib regarding a Red Eye report on dirty CTA handrails and grab bars, saying, “It would be hard for the CTA to do anything about this. It’s best to keep your hands off these surfaces.”

Did you get that? Don’t put your hands on the handrails or grab bars. That’s right, walk up and down as many L staircases and ride as many trains as you want, just we don’t want you to actually hold onto anything. Like in case you feel the urge to, I don’t know, fall over, break your leg, and sue the CTA.

The report goes on to liken the grime readings found in the CTA system to the level of dirt you’d find on a heavily used office computer keyboard. In other words, the kind of bacteria-laden dirtfest most of us encounter on a daily basis, all day long, and admonishes riders to remember to wash up before eating that hamburger or wiping at those allergy eyes. In fact, this bit is good advice. So good, in fact, my mom told me. Thirty-five years ago.

Don’t touch the handrails with your hands? I’m sure glad I saw the Red Eye article, ’cause mom never told me that kernel of wisdom.

Trib, if you’re wondering why your circulation is a bit off these days, er, see above.

(For further fun, check out CTA Tattler’s take on the Red Eye article).

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