“I’m sorry you can’t get your bagel at 3 a.m.”


In today’s Crain’s Chicago Business online, another look at New Yorkers versus Chicagoans, from the perspective of Gothamites who move here and do — or don’t — fit in. Interesting look at the divergent assumptions that live in Gothamite and Hogtown heads. As one of my coworkers puts it, “Chicagoans will trust you until you screw up; New Yorkers won’t trust you until you don’t.” Truer words were never spoken…

Still, they say expats either flee back to New York within a year of leaving or never go back. I’ve been in the capital of the (don’t call us the) Midwest for three years now, so draw your own conclusions about that. There’s more westbound inertia in me than eastbound, I think. At any rate, I know more people here who will share a lox bagel with me than back in New York, and that, alone, is a regular, happy astonishment.

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