Happy Birthday “Looper” Blog!


(Photo credit: Looper).

It’s officially been a year since the love of my life, Devyn, began “Looper”–an architectural photoblog of downtown Chicago. In that short time, he’s managed to take more than 10,000 photos of the Loop and its environs, post 1,000 of them on what has become one of the best photographic records of the heart of Hogtown on the web today, and get interviewed by Chicago Tribune architecture critic Blair Kamin, to boot. So congratulations D. I love you.

For my readers, here are a few of my favorite images drawn from Looper. Give Devyn a visit and see many, many more.

Dappled Berghoff.jpg



Bird Bath.jpg

Infinity Triangles.jpg

L Streak.jpg

Bulb Droop.jpg

Falling Down.jpg

Rooftop Shindig.jpg

(All photos Copyright K. Devyn Caldwell. Find more at: Looper).

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