John Hancock: How the Other Half Lives


(Photo credit: Looper).

If you’ve lived in one Chicago high-rise, you’ve lived in them all? Not by a longshot. While residents of Marina City allege deeply entrenched condo board mismanagement in the wake of board member Gary S. Kimmel’s federal indictment on prostitution-related money-laundering charges, the situation couldn’t be more different for residents of Chicago’s other midcentury modernist residential skyscraper: the John Hancock Center.

Besides a physical plant in impeccable shape, actual union doormen, and a condo association that’s fully accessible to its members, Big John’s association also has a reserve six times that of Marina City (check out their board president’s report, in PDF format on their website).

So for your comparison, below I give you the Marina Towers Condominium Association website, versus the John Hancock Center/175 East Delaware Place Home Owners Association website.

Marina Towers Condominium Association
John Hancock/175 E. Delaware Place Home Owners Association

Small funny. Big point.

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